Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm back!!

I'm back!!!

It was this same time last year when i was in Boracay.
Want more pics? heheheh

But I am back to blogging.
I promise :-)
I hope :-/

Yes, I've given birth, and she is as pretty as her ate Bithia. Replay.
She is Bianca Sophia, now 5 months old and I was 3 months preggy on my last post a year ago.

I am now 35
Mother of 4 - 2 boys and 2 girls - Lucas, Bithia, Joaquin and Bianca.


frecklesspeckles said...

once a year ritual ba 'to? haha... ang laki na ng baby boy.. oops baby girl mo. puwede na ba laroin yan? HIHIHI... hope all is well. regards kay niko. :D

daftster said...

madam, may blog po pala kayo... :) sayang, nde ko alam dati. very helpful sana ito sa preps ni mrs. BLOG... BLOG... BLOG....

veluz said...

talaga naman 'tong mag-asawang to oh! kakapost ko lang eh! wag mo nang batiin, baka mausug pa eh hehehe :-)

babae yan! ang ganda ganda eh! naku ayan na si Dex, tatago ko na Bianca ko! :-D

miss ko na kayo ah, dalan nyo ulit ako noodles ha hehehe :-) mwah!

Faye said...

hi, veluz! good to have you back in the blogging world.

your baby is cute! and i didn't really know you're only 34?! wow! so young for a great designer like you.

btw, you recently had a bride from CA whose aunt is a friend of my aunt. i just don't know her name but she also got married in SAC. i remember Prima (the aunt) saying she'll say hi to you for me.

naku napahaba na. halata bang na-miss kita! hehehe take care...

veluz said...

hi faye! :-)

uy na-miss na rin kita! naks naman, so ibig mong sabihin mukha na matanda?! waaaaah!! pangarap ko pa naman mag-stay sa 28! ;-)

yup, met Prima nga and she mentioned you rin, sobrang nagandahan nga raw siya sa gown mo eh, kita raw nya lahat ng pics mo hehehe

buntis ka na ba? mag-baby ka na!
ingat lagi!

Candy :) said...

hi ms v! wala lang nagpaparamdam lang hahaha. 8 months to go pa din... matagal pa din ang kasal. hahaha.

hindi ko pa din nakakalimutan ang fitting natin. sobrang enjoy ako nun! haha uy... yung sketch ah (ayan na naman at nangungulit na naman ako hahaha)

sige ingat po lagi! see you!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the newest addition to your family! also hope you got the text i sent you some months ago from here. time does fly, am visiting manila in june! siya nga pala, youre doing my friend's gown too (jovy in dec!). anyway, im glad you're well. i loooove the chocolate brown and old rose color theme you posted above. haaay kung puwede lang magpakasal ulit :D


veluz said...


how are you?????!!! na-miss tuloy kita bigla!! how's the baby? may kasunod na ba? how's life in NZ? work ka ba dyan? payat ka na ba ulit? how's shawie? dami ko tanong ah, halata bang namiss ko na kayo?

balitaan mo naman ako :-)

desie said...

hi veluz,
was thinking of you just the other day (we had our 3rd wedding anniversary in may so i was doing a lot of reminiscing). happy to hear about your latest addition-she's gorgeous.
we also now have another angel, aidan. he's now 4 months old and his ate lauren is 26 monhts.
congratulations on all the success coming your way. all the best.
hugs, desie

Unknown said...

ang cute, prang they all have your eyes hehe.. maglink po ako snyo so we can get in touch. i really admire your work. i want to be part of your proud line of clients in the wedding gown industry someday.. naks hihihih =D take care!