Saturday, May 05, 2007


i'm happy blogging
feels i'm part of a circle again
inggitera kasi ako eh, parang di ako kasali pag wala ako blog hehehe
but what i love most about blogging, it reunites me with past clients :-)

here's an email i got from one client whose gown i will always always love :-)
again, it wasn't just the gown, it was the bride and her sisters heheh
all genuinely sweet.
one of the reasons back then why i wanted a sister for Bithia ;-)

here's her letter :

hi veluz!!!=)

gosh i know, i know tagal na... tsk..tsk... sorry i'm really lousy at keeping in touch. BUT, i do keep up-to-date sa blog mo. buti na lang may bagong post ka na rin... and what a great post/surprise=) congratulations to you and your growing family for the new addition!=) now i'm thinking kung preggy ka na ba at my wedding... hmmm...

anyway, so i guess i need not ask how you've been. everything seems to be going very well for you- family-wise and career. i've heard about the danica sotto wedding. buti na lang at nauna na akong kinasal dahil mukang di na kita talaga maa-afford ngayon!;) i also linked to fol rana's blog, and i must say paganda ng paganda ang mga gowns mo. if that's even possible!=) each is more elaborate than the next but really never loses your classic trademark.

naks! veluz! super galing mo talaga and up to now i still can't believe i found you! hehehe=) i also liked the first picture on the blog with the bride in the foreground and you sa background. blooming ka ata dun;)

gosh obvious bang excited ako. nakakahiya. anyway, so i should just stop and say THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN AGAIN! for making me the most beautiful dress i will ever wear in my entire life=) plus my pretty entourage=)

ok, one last thing. dati ko pa gusto mag blog about my wedding but obviously i never really got to. this should have been part of my entry on you but ikkwento ko na lang sayo...

you know what my dad said after the wedding? he goes...

"i've been to more expensive weddings but i've never seen a gown this beautiful"

o diba?!=) hehehe . . .

awwwww love you dad! :-)

gown in layers and layers of tulle with brooch accents and flat beading on the hemline

cute nila no?

alina is one of those brides who knew what she wanted.
i'm just too glad i didn't fail her :-)

veluz, thanks again for everything ha... happy ako na happy ka din sa gown ko=) i wasn't able to tell you also na i really appreciated the fact that you let me have the exact dress that i wanted. i was really scared then that i was sort of holding back your creative juices kasi napaka specific ko sa dress ko. but your professionalism really shined through. not to say that i felt you were "napipilitan". in fact, i felt you sincerely shared my enthusiasm and that the more important thing for you was making THE dress a reality. obviously, the dress exceeded my expectations and i think everybody else's.

alam mo, one of the things i'm proud of my dress is that it's sooo simple but when you think about the details and how the dress was made, that's what made it special. i think sya yung tipo ng dress, because it was so simple, na make or break kung mali ang pagkakagawa. and i don't think anybody could have done it so perfectly but you. haaay, kung pwede ko lang isuot araw-araw=)
so anyway, i wish you and your family all the best! and i wish you continue to be inspired and happy with what you do because it really translates to the dresses that you make and your relationship with us brides=)

thank you so much Alina, for everything :-)


Candy :) said...

hello po. pwede po ba matanong kung anong fabric yung ginamit for the entou's gowns? :)ganda kasi ng bagsak :)

Anonymous said...

is that alina angeles-punzalan?