Saturday, August 04, 2012


Lace, tulle, embroidered Pina, beadings and ruffles. 
Too much going on?
I don't think so :-)

She looks soft, light and romantic.
Every bit a bride :-)

Photos by Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto
Hair and Make-up by Madge Landrito and Steve Pagsanjan of The Make-up Studio
Coordination by Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila


suzy dedvukaj said...

Hello I live in america..and im having a hard time trying to find where I can see the prices of ur gowns and how I can possibly order one

Michelle Gnanaratnem said...

This is one of my favourite gowns I have seen of yours, though I must say they are all amazing. You are truly blessed with such great talent. I am living in the UK, and would like to know how much your dresses range from. And how I may buy one from you if I so choose.

bridal gowns said...

Wow this is absolutely adorable wedding dress. I like your all beautiful images. Its lovely wedding dress. You have done nice job.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I really love your dress. Where did you buy it? thanks in advance!

SylvieR said...

I absolutely love tho dress of yours!!! I am wondering where i may be able to buy it in Canada. Im from Edmonton. Thanks sooo much!!

Alina Uzun said...

Hi! I love this dress but I was wondering the top part of the dress is tulle and where can I order this kind of tulle?

susieg said...

I love this dress... and would like to purchase it... where can i order it from?

donna dacanay said...

Hi. I've been checking out your gowns for months now and I really love them specially this one. How much would this type of gown normally costs? Im overseas but ill be home on may 2014 for a month to check out suppliers and couturiers. Wedding will be on may 2015. Please do send me an e mail Thank you very much.