Thursday, February 10, 2011


Lethel is such a fine, classy lady and the minute I saw her as one of the gorgeous pink ladies at Jamie's wedding, I knew then that is the style for her :-)

But she's getting married in Boracay, and isn't it just right that when it's a Boracay wedding, the gown should be soft and light for that wind blown by the beach effect? Preferably in tulle or chiffon?

Oh well, the only rule I follow is - basta wedding gown, fabulous! :-D

long gown in Georgette Chiffon (reception look)
the big skirt in taffeta with fully beaded band for the ceremony

Raw Photos by Mango Red
Coordination by Amanda Tirol


Anonymous said...

Lethel's dress was beautiful, Veluz! Absolutely perfect for her. Hindi masyadong maliit ang waist niya, di ba??? I miss you <3 - Jamie

Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to be there at her wedding. Veluz, I honestly think that this one is really THE MOST BEAUTIFUL gown I've ever seen on a bride. Really, really gorgeous!

Kez said...

Ms V pwede pagawa ulit ng gown? This is my new fav of all your designs.Tsaka nga pala may ngblog sa wedding ko nainis ako mali ang description ng gown at details...Thank you again and miss you!

Patie M said...

Wow! Beautiful. Of course, I am the Ninang of this couple so I am biased, but this dress is so gorgeous, simple in the details. Perfect for the island wedding.

Mitch ni Walvs said...

agreenesss ... fabulouso!!!