Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was happy when I found out that Jon and Maria (Tere) are finally tying the knot :-) Happier when Jon told me I am going to make the wedding gown. I was honored :-)

When I met Maria, she struck me as someone who would go for an all embellished gown, probably lace and beading galore. I was wrong. She wanted none of those :-) She gave me a picture of the gown she wants - draping, no embroidery, no beading. Di ko na pala kailangan mag-design! :-) okay fine, modista na talaga ito! hahaha! She chose a beautiful gown and all I need to do is come up with a nice fabric, fit her perfectly and add a bit of oomph that I hope she'll like.
She has a great body and reaaaalllly beautiful skin, ang kinis! (uhmm, kinikilig ka jon!) It wasn't difficult at all to make her pretty, because she already is. I just revised the strap to compliment her nice shoulder, added some details on the gown and I'm done :-)

I was extra happy when she approved of the embroidered veil. I felt it completed her look. Maria happy, me happy. I believe she can be feisty when she doesn't like something heheheh :-) taray ang lola mo promise! - straightforward, no frills, non compromising. I like it actually. It didn't leave me guessing :-D

But what caught me by surprise are the boys! This is probably the only time I will talk about men, otherwise, my blog would be titled Veluz Bride and Groom? Veluz Bridal Party? eeew :-/ But its Threelogy! and they're not one to be outshined. They won't allow it.

I was excited making their suits. But they were more excited than me! hahaha!
From the measurement taking to the final fitting, it was endless kulitan. I've never fitted grooms that went out of the fitting room just to parade their suits. Moreso, best men! Bong and CJ were just unstoppable! They smoked, they chat, had photo sessions with threads and pins! Worse than any bride I've worked with. We even had longer fittings than any of the girls, including Maria :-) But I must admit, they really looked fine :-)

Come wedding day, Maria was her usual self - bubbly and kikay. Flirting with the camera and having the time of her life.

I was surprised when she was walking down the aisle. The minute they opened the door, she was a bride :-) There is really something about church doors that makes a bride all giddy. And she was no different. She walked slowly, smiling demurely and was just so beautiful. I guess everyone felt her happiness, they all applauded.

And Jon?! It felt kinda weird seeing him at the altar, but yes, he looked every bit a groom :-)

Bong and CJ? - bestest men ever.

Congratulations Jon and Maria!

awesome pictures by Master Dino Lara, beautiful picture with caption by Erron of Imaginenation, Cliquebooth photo from Mimi and Karl.

link to their super fun and fabulous onsite, sino nga video? di ko napansin ..... hehehe ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Veluz, Niko and the rest of the gang,

Thanks very much for the suits. Sa wakas, natupad din pangarap ni Bong. And of course, for Tere's gown. I've never seen her sexier and more radiant.

Anonymous said...

ang sexy, ms v! carry ko kaya ang dress like this?! :o)

btw, saw your yellow purse. i fell in love with it! since you're in love with mine, can we trade bags, ya?

sabi pala ni lola, if in case mapulot nyo ni niko darling ang ring, kindly return it to her grave daw. patay tayo dyan! wahahaa

veluz said...

awwww my pleasure jon! coming from THE groom, this is the best compliment a designer can ever have :-)

judy! talagang yellow purse ang napansin! hahaha!

baka dalawin ako ni lola! si Niko na lang please! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Veluz,

Thank you so much for this wonderful write-up.

It is so touching that it actually made me tear up a bit. I had a flashback of the wedding and remembered feeling like a princess that day.

The dress you made for me is oh-so-beautiful! It was so light, like I was just wearing regular clothes, hid all my flaws perfectly and highlighted my "oomph" :D

I've always thought that wedding gowns are uncomfortable and heavy but my gown was nothing like that. Needless to say, I am very happy with the outcome. You and Niko and the rest of your staff are the people who truly made my wedding special. I can't express enough how grateful I am to have acquired your services knowing how totally in demand you are in the industry.

More success and recognition to the both of you in the near future. Again, my heartfelt thanks. :*

veluz said...


ay testimonial nga ito!! di ko naman kinaya ang in demand! hahaha! super duper thanks :-) I sure am glad to have made you happy and really proud to have been a part of your special day.

gawa na kayo baby!! :-D mwah!

Anonymous said...

every bit a groom :)
ggwapo ung tatlo!
ganda nung gown sobra! ^___^
oo nga veluz, baby naaaaaaahhhh!!!

veluz said...


in fairnezzz, ga-gwapo nga! hmp! :-D
tenchu jen! mwah!

Anonymous said...

talaga namang super in demand ka, lucky for us naka singit pa kami. woohoo!!!! :*

Anonymous said...

Just passing by. This is a really beautiful gown. It's very simple. It kinda reminds me of Ines di Santo's works :)