Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A little backgrounder - I was 105 lbs before I got pregnant with my 1st baby, after giving birth to Lucas, I was still 135. I told my doctor, there must be another one inside, take it off!! My 4th baby is more than a year now, my current weight? okay, away na ito!

Liezl gave birth 2 and a half months before her renewal of vows.

She was still bloated when we had our 1st fitting, not a month after giving birth - wide waist, slight bulges, big boobs which was a blessing because she practically had none before pregnancy :-D She fitted the muslin and she looked great, curves and mounds in all the right places.

After a week we fitted again, I nipped the waist and the hipline, she lost inches on those parts, inches! That's when I started hating her.

For our third, I nipped again the waistline and the hipline! It's official, I hate her. How can you lose so much when I didn't!?! waaaaaah!!!

Less than 2 weeks before the wedding, she fitted again and it was perfect. I'm happy, the weight has stabilized and no more nipping. She's a normal female human after all, life is fair. :-) Dry clean na lang and she's all set

Wedding day - I was there to assist her, I dressed her up and ... ang luwag sa bewang!!!!! grrrr almost two inches !! those precious inches!!! I would have killed her for that. but it was her wedding day! so I just blamed myself - I should've fitted her again.... an hour before hehehe

Thank God I had a brooch accent for the back, I slightly nipped the excess inch and she was perfect!

I swear, sobra akong inggit!!

here she was on her big day

galing no? what a wedding can do to your body! best weight loss program.


Anonymous said...

hala! ako yan ah! hahaha! ang kulit! :)

actually, pinilit ko magpapayat agad kasi niloloko mo ko na taba-taba nung 1st fitting ko. hehe!

thanks for featuring me! mwah!

Anonymous said...

parang hindi nga nanganak si liezl e. i was also thinking how's that possible??? e ako di pa nanganganak lumolobo na ako!! huhuhu

veluz said...

hahahaha! wanda na-miss kita!! :-)

liezl! ang cute cute mo nga nung 1st fitting eh hehehe :-)

d3nd3n said...

ah okay, so dapat pala, nangananak muna ako para mag-lose weight. late na yang advice mo, di na ko aabot. hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

hi veluz, haay... ewan ko ba dyan kay liezl... ganyan talaga yan :) hehehe... sana when i give birth pumayat din ako =) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

naku veluz, the only thing nagustuhan ko nung mataba ako is yung "hinaharap" ko. hahaha!

daan ako diyan one of these days, andyan pa yung gown ko e. heehee! will call/text you soon. :)

notsquare said...

denden! bwahahahahah ;) crazy comment! :)

but isnt it common for brides to be to lose weight before the wedding naturally daw due to the stress of planning a wedding?

an ofcmate of mine got "reprimanded" for being too thin 2 weeks before the wedding. eh what can she do daw, shes stressed!

wow ha!

Candy :) said...

ms v, sexy naman kayo ah!!!

ay naku sana nga lagi na lang kasal ko. pag nakikita ko pics nung wedding, depressing. ang taba ko na! haha

sabi ko nga kay lui kagabi "gusto ko suot ulit gown ko" sabi nya "sus, gusto mo lang malaman kung kakasya pa"

miss you guys!!!

Candy said...

wow galing galing talaga!

and the bride looks so pretty :)

at least alam ko pag mga weeks before the wedding na lang eh papayat din ako.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

This is inspiring. I hope to lose a lot of weight too before my wedding. Maybe you're her charm. :)

veluz said...

den - sorry, too late. hehehe :-)

notsquare - yes, very common actually, 8 out of 10, but not as much as liezl! hay! one of the perks of planning a wedding :-)

candy - ay sinong mataba candy. payat ako, ever! si niko, mataba.

candy - okay lang yun, weeks before the wedding naman tayo magme-meet and fit eh hehehe :-)

tani - thanks ha, i hope to lose a lot of weight too ... 24/7!

veluz said...

teng!!!! misyu too! di natin bati si liezl ha! hehehe

misyu too kendz! pati si lui :-) repeat after me - walang mataba sa atin, si Niko lang! hahahah!

judy g said...

sali po ako ah!

si liezl...nilikhang payatin na yan since hs days pa!

ms. v! effective pampapayat ko po ang mumps! hee :o)