Monday, July 23, 2007


I've always been fascinated with lawyers, especially female lawyers.
They usually have character and spunk which poses a challenge in designing. Their gowns should be feminine yet strong :-)

Ginny is one fine lady - from the way she talks, laughs and moves, you wouldn't guess that she's one impressive lawyer.

She graduated from UP Law School, took up Masters degree from the University of Columbia. Passed the New York bar exams and worked as a lawyer in Singapore.

smart eh? eto pa ...

Louie, her groom, took up law from Ateneo and is now taking his Masters at THE Yale University!

ayaw nila ng school no? hehehe

Yet, when you talk to them, you wouldn't feel a hint of yabang.
I love them!

We also made the gowns for the entourage. Not all lawyers, but equally accomplished ladies, all upscale but not one gave us a hard time. Niko adored them so much that every time they come for fitting, Niko would hurriedly come to me and excitedly whisper - "ako na Tita, i will english e" :-)

Here's their heartwarming onsite by Threelogy.
Photos by Johann Espiritu
The wedding was flawlessly coordinated by Jody Liwanag of Events Experts

There you go ;-)


d3nd3n said...

ay grabe talga ang mga hirit ni niko, award-worthy :)

love the gown. everytime i see your work na-eexcite na ko. hehe :)

veluz said...

hahaha! makakarating kay niko :-)

uy thank you :-) ganda rin yun sa yo, promise :-)

d3nd3n said...

i replied to your email na, finally :) sorrry late.