Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Short Break

It was either a month of checking out the bridal scene in Australia and touristing with my brother there or a week in Boracay with the entire family.
Figured Sydney can wait, my brides here cant :-)

So here I am on the phone with a bride(zilla) in Boracay

Puka Beach. My husband tells me this is how white beach was in 1990 when he first came here. Not seen in this photo but THE Shang-rila Hotel is under construction here.

Ang Cute.

The reasons Boracay prevailed.

My 7-yr old panganay insists on using the camera. This is Boracay through his eyes perched on his dad.
Ang bunso sakay kay yaya at ang tanawin sa bangketa.

Crests of Courage when you get through the Depths of Despair. No premyo if you know what I'm talking about. Everyone got one including the yayas.


Forever Yang said...

Aba! Ang sexy ng suot ng yaya ha. 2 pc! :) You deserve a break veluz! Congrats pala. Heard that you're preggy. Kaya pala napansin ko parang tumaba ka compared to the first time we met. hehe..

Marj and Carlos said...

H Veluz! How are things with you? Kaka-miss kasyo ni Niko! Preggy? Are you really? KAya ba ikaw hindi naka-bikini pero si yaya todo pagka-sexy?

flowerdrumsong said...

Ms. V! :)

Whoa - nice pictures there! I love the family shot (but where is the hubby?!?!?) and my, your little Joaquin is not so little anymore!

So, are you tanned so much now?!?!?! :P

Take care and I'll be in touch...

veluz said...

halu girls!

actually marj, gusto ko ring mag 2 pc eh, habang may excuse ang big tummy :-) kaso walang kasya na di nagro-roll sa front! :-( sa sobrang frustration ko, binilan ko ang mga yaya ng 2 - pc! hahaha! misyu rin!!!! :-)

weng! yup, we're all tan! naks, akala mo naman talaga mestiza dati hehehehehe :-)


oo nga, sinamantala ko talaga yung weekend na walang wedding kasi sobra tagal na namin plano to eh, galit na husband ko, iwan na lang daw ako pag di pa rin ako pwede! thanks for dropping by :-)

Faye said...

uy dapat lang noh! you deserve that fun-filled vacation with your family. nice to see some pics V! take care always! mwah!

Leah said...

Looks like you all had a really wonderful time. Buti naman at nakapagbreak kayo from work. You deserve it. :)

congrats on your pregnancy for baby #4. :) ingat!

chemist-chievous said...

Ms. V!
Ghie here! Akala ko ikaw na yung naka 2 pc. Yaya yun? Grabe may K tlaga. Preggy you? Ako hindi pa eh =( Pag gusto mo ng sisig, text mo lang kame ni raenan. Hahaha!Miss ko na kayo ni nikko. Ingat lagi.

Kie said...

Hey there! I heard from Niko that you're preggy! Ako din, 5 months na yesterday. So wala ka nang yosi nyan ha - we have to be on the same boat :(
When I told Mike about it, the first thing he thought of is how much Niko might be tempting you. Hehe.
Miss na kita. Did you get the pictures I sent you?
Looks like you had a nice vacation. You definitely deserve it.
Hope to see you around Veluz. TC!

Kie said...

This is Kuh, btw. Using a very old blogger profile for a blog never been updated. You can see cute pic of my late doggie though :)

veluz said...

hello ghie!!
ay parang naglaway naman ako bigla sa sisig hahahahah! wag i-tempt ang buntis!! :-) kukulitin kita! :-) misyu rin pati si bosing lawyer!

ingat ingat

miss na kita!!! at ang yosi sessions natin! kakamiss no? hindi ako ma-tempt ni niko, kasi pag di ako nagyoyosi, di sya makapagyosi sa harap ko! hahahaha! kaya ayun, kung san san nagtatago pag nasa shop.

uy, ingat ka ha, medyo mahirap ang 1st pregnancy, pero kayang kaya mo yan!


veluz said...

hi faye and leah!!

ingat ingat rin kayo ha, sana mabuntis na rin kayo! para di lang ako mataba! hahahaha!



Ho-an said...

Hello Veluzzi!

Buntis you? Aba at talaga naman na pag may wedding me buntis you? remember doy's? then george's? then a little mine ..preggy ulit you? ako di pa? mukha lang ...hahahha!Mishu po!

joanne said...

hi veluz! i like your bora pix. you deserve to take a break. i know you are very busy. im so excited to see you and niko for my first fitting in october.

Mik said...

hi, V! hehe buntis na si Leah :D uy wanted so much to see you before i left pero alam mo naman how hectic things get before a long airline flight. may utang pa ako sa yo! Daz says hello and he and I were talking about you and Niko the other day! Lapit nang mag one year!! Miss you!!
p.s. pregnancy becomes you!!

candy said...

hi veluz! love the pics thru the eyes of ur child... may future sya :)
can't help but notice the date on ur blog! june 7? 4 days aftr me! i'm so glad you didn't leave me... and made sure to see me off down the aisle. thank you thank you!
i still smile when i think of what you and niko did for me!! super happy!
take care and see u soon!
- candy

Sassafras said...

preggy ka pala ulit?! huli na ko sa balita. now based in welly since end june! congrats and hope you're healthy.